Handles you want to show off

I love these handles. I installed a few of them this weekend, and they go together well, they work well, and they look amazing. The locking mechanism is nice (although I'm sure visitors will get confused), and it unlocks when the door closes, so there is no worry about locking yourself out. Even if you somehow do, just stick the round key in the hole and push to unlock it.

Customer service was fantastic too. Without thinking about it, I ordered double the number of dummy handles because they come in a pair so they work on 2 doors (or one set of closet doors). I placed the order on a Sunday afternoon, and Sunday night I received a message from them asking if I really wanted 6 pairs of dummy handles. They were right and I only needed 3, and they refunded me for the 3 I didn't need. I ordered 1 handle first, and 10 the next order, and both orders showed up in a couple days even without Prime shipping. Highly recommended! 

Grant R. Meyer on Nov 04, 2018