Gorgeous, High Quality Product, and Excellent Customer Service

I was very impressed by the quality of these handles. I am doing a total renovation of a condo, with lots of things to buy for it. Trying to keep costs in check, I was looking for a well-priced handle that looked attractive. These Avalon handles certainly looked that way in the photos, but until you can actually feel such products in your hands, you have no idea what they are really like.

These handles are beautifully made! Heavy, wonderful feel in your hand, impeccable craftsmanship; they look far more expensive than their $30 price tag.

I needed locking (privacy) handles for three doors and needed no lock on the one that went on a closet door. I thought that was the "dummy", thus ordered it not realizing that the "privacy" handle can also be installed as a "passage" (no lock) handle. When my installer did the door-handle installation he told me that the dummy (which I gave him for the closet) wouldn't work because it had two male handles. We both thought that the box must have been incorrectly packed.

I emailed Avalon's Sales department and explained my problem. I received a great explanation very quickly, telling me that the "dummy" handles are meant to be installed on French doors that don't have a latch...that I needed the "privacy/passage" handle I'd ordered for the other three doors. I felt pretty stupid about my error, but I want to stress that the rep who replied to me never made me feel like that. The person was very helpful, friendly, and supportive. He/She provided photos to ensure I understood the explanation.

Every workman who's seen the installed handles comments on their beauty and quality. And every single neighbor who's stopped by the see how the renovation is going has complimented them, reaching out to touch and turn them. They've all noticed the same things I did (weight, feel of the turn and the handle in your hand).

I am very, very pleased with Avalon's products and will look for them again in the future. And I thank the company for hiring such nice, helpful people to work for them.

Elise, Palm Springs on July 17, 2019